Multi Medium Artist born in Grand Rapids MI.  Stacey's

lifelong pursuit of art has gained her recognition as one of Michigan's finest multi-medium artists. Her work has been featured in major publications as well as notable galleries.

A talented air-brush artist; her custom paint jobs can be seen on everything from motorcycles to baseball helmets.

Stacey's oil paintings and glass mosaic work can be seen in some of the highest end homes in Michigan.
As a well rounded artist, Stacey Kirk has made it her mission to share her gift with as many people as possible. She opened Brushwork Studio in March of 2017 with the goal of hosting classes to both young artists and adults with great success. Currently Stacey is a full time working artist with a studio and gallery of her own located in Newaygo MI. where she works on commissioned artwork, her original artwork, and continues to work with as many aspiring artist everywhere. 

"We all have a connection to art in some way- As an artist, we have a responsibility to share our work every chance we get- in the hopes that it inspires someone in some way- to imagine, to create, to embrace their uniqueness- it is very important."